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EBT Settlement Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you pay my creditors?

YES, After we negoiate your balance owed with your creditors, payments are sent directly to the creditor.After payments are setup with your creditor, most will report this monthly payment even though it is a credit card debt settlement

Will my creditors call me?

Yes, and if they do call, you need to tell them that you have enrolled into a credit card debt settlement program that is going to set-up a monthly payment plan for them. You need to give them our toll free number so that they can confirm your enrollment into our settlement program.


How does credit card debt settlement affect my credit score?
Depends on how long you have been delinquent or if you have never been late. Creditors begin reporting your accounts as a late, delinquent, charged-off or past due balance whether or not you have enrolled in a Debt relief plan. In short, anything other than paying all of your bills ON time, will have an adverse effect on your credit score. The good news is after successfully enrolling into our credit card debt relief program you creditors are paid creditors each month and ultimately your credit score will improve over-time.

Program Questions:

I just want to consolidate my debt.
Although credit card debt consolidation may be a valid option, our balance liquidation program will normally resolve your debt in a shorter period for less money.

Will I have to take out another loan to cover my current debts?
No, actually settlement is a plan for changing when and how much you pay your creditors to achieve settlements. Loans are a method of obtaining funds. A few customers use a “consolidation” or equity loan in conjunction with their debt negotiation program, but the majority funds their settlements by following the payment and savings plan we agree to based on their income and expenses – much like you and I will personalize a budget for you.

Will I be totally debt free when I’m done?surprised.jpg
Our program will handle your unsecured debt, not debt that is secured by collateral. For example: home loans, car loans and boat loans. However, after completing the program, if you continue to use the savings plan that is part of your debt settlement program, and you apply the savings to your secured obligations, then you should be able to pay off your secured debt ahead of schedule.

Can I shorten the scheduled timeframe for the settlement of my accounts?
Absolutely! Simply speed up the process by increasing your savings account  with any tax refunds or other unexpected cash flow.

Will I be responsible for late fees and interest charges?
When we contact your creditors we request that all late fees and over limit fees be stopped.
This is an accepted practice with the relationships we have in place with most creditors. All credit card debt settlement percentages we quote you are based on our proven track record over the past 5 years of negotiating with creditors.


Could I negotiate and settle on my own?
Sure, like many things we can do on our own like changing you own oil, but most of us choose to hire experienced people who specialize in debt relief  and often achieve quicker and better results than we may on our own.

Why shouldn’t I just file bankruptcy?
If you qualify for a Chapter 7 this may be an option for you. Many of our customers although qualifying for bankruptcy choose debt settlement simply because a bankruptcy filing is more detrimental in your credit history and can remain on your credit reports from 7 to 10 years after the bankruptcy filling has been discharged.

Credit Card Debt Settlement FAQ's

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