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Credit Card Debt Consolidation & Settlement Relief
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National Debt Settlement Services for Credit Cards & Personal Loans. 


Armada Debt Solutions debt settlement program specializes in helping you take control of your financial future with a NO ADVANCED FEE debt settlement program. Our proven debt relief program, will lower your payments dramatically each month.  If you are behind or late on your credit card payments, our national program will stop late charges, collection calls and the threat of lawsuits or wage garnishments.

Armada Debt Solutions 10 year reputation with credit card companies, creditors and collection agencies nationwide, enables us to work out succesfull payment arrangements with your creditors. We have literally  thousands of creditors already a part of our national credit card debt settlement program.


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Credit Card Debt Fact…

If you are just making minimum payments on $5,000 in credit card debt, at a 18.9% interest rate, it will take you over 18 years to pay it off. Source CNN  

If your behind on payments and receiving collection calls,  Our debt settlement program will help stop collection calls and get you out of debt fast!

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